हालसालैका लेखहरु : उड्ने रहर छ,(उमा शर्मा ) तब पो दशैं आउँथ्यो,(गोतामे साँहिलो) नाप्नै सकिएन ,(रजनी श्रेष्ठ) धेरै सिकायो यो कोरोनाले,(उमा शर्मा) गिद्धहरु रमाउँदैछन्,(बासु श्रेष्ठ) आव्हान,(रजनी श्रेष्ठ) ग्रीन कार्ड,(सुदीपभद्र खनाल) लश्कर,(गोविन्द गिरी प्रेरणा) अभिनन्दन !!!!,(ऋषिराम अर्याल) गड्यौला उर्फ सत्यराज ,(कृष्ण बजगाईं )

APA Heritage Month Celebrated with Poetry,(khasskhass.com Report)

Today in collaboration with the Arlington Library www.khasskhass.com (A Nepali Literary website) celebrated Asian-Pacific American Heritage month in Columbia Pike Branch of Arlington Library with children poetry and adult poetry under \"poems of the Poets\" theme.


Under children poetry Sulekha Bhandari, Shreyesha Adhikari,Vikram Timisina, Brian Shrestha and Lena Alhashimi recited their beautiful poems.


Similarly David Beach, Sharad Nirola, Rob Spencer, Basant Shrestha, Hari Ghimire, Judy, Gopal Regmi, Desiree Farooz, Sara Dowen, Rajanee Shrestha, DB Tamang and Basu Shrestha recited their poem under adult poetry.


A documentary based on Nepal\'s tourism on culture also was shown right after the poetry.  This documentary was provided by the Sagarmatha TV. Sagarmatha TV is the first TV ever aired outside of Nepal.


In the beginning of the event, Ms. Rajanee Shrestha on behalf of the Arlington Library welcomed khasskhass.com to the event and Basu Shrestha on behalf of the khasskhass.com welcomed all guests and participants.


Also Mr. Ram Kharel, the CEO of Sagarmatha TV and Tourism Ambassador of Nepal expressed his greetings and happiness to be the part of this event.


Smilialry, Mr. Narayan Mainali, from the Embassy of Nepal in Washington DC expressed his greetings and happiness to be in this event. He said as Nepali are growing in USA, this kind of event should go on time on time and Embassy of Nepal will help in its capacity to promote Nepali culture and tourism.


After the documentary, the certificate of appreciation was given away from Branch Division Chief Susan McCarthy to all participating poets.


The thank you note was delivered by David Beach saying every one deserve to be thanked and expressed his happiness for the success of the program.


Basu Shrestha on behalf of the khasskhass.com also thanked to the Arlington Library Management, Rajanee Shrestha, All medias who helped disburse the notice and present in the event, All the participant and guests. He also thanked to MC Sudha Regmi who handle the program very professionally.  Sudha made to this program amidst her very tight schedule.


The program was started and concluded on correct time.

Samosa snacks was provided by the library management.

For the event photos please follow the link:










सम्पर्क माध्यम

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